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September 2010



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Sep. 1st, 2010


Farside: drabble drabble drabble

Remember when I told you all that my girlfriend wants me to be more active on LiveJournal but I might disappear until 2012 anyway? Well, apparently not! I hope you're happy, my lovely Nicole. I hope you're happy that I am actually getting out of my shell.

Me? I'm hating AP Physics and Serhiy is a butt. </3 But I got myself a couple new ringtones as I did this drabble meme so I think I'm all good. Enjoy~

Put your iPod/Mp3 player on shuffle. Write drabbles based on the first ten songs that play, but only write them within the time the song is playing. Then, after you post yours, tag 5 people.

I'll admit now that I have so many versions of the same song in my iTunes that near the end I skipped over 9000 songs until I found songs I liked. Namely, Disney and Ace Attorney. Deal, and enjoy. Also I'll be cheating and not tagging. So sue me.

1.  허락 Horak (Approval) by Jun Suh

I hope you realize, my love, that death is not the end of everything.

Noa calmly stoked his beloved's soft hair, mouthing along to her whispered lullaby as they sat in each others' arms after a long, tiring day. They had just discovered that night that Noa's death - something they'd known about, yet tried to forget - was looming closer than ever. Too close. Much too close.

"You said we'll be happy," Mitsuo muttered to him after their song ended, her arms snaking around his torso as she rested her head against his chest. "I can hear your heart beating, and I'm happy -- once this sound fades away, how, do you expect, me to be happy at all? You'll be gone."

I wouldn't leave you, Noa wanted to tell her, tightening his hold around her smaller body as he rocked them back and forth, back and forth. Even if I died, and you couldn't see me anymore, I'll watch over you - and Maer, Jr. - and I'll be your guardian angel, even if you don't believe in angels or ghosts. I won't be gone, just unseen. As I am unable to speak to you now, you will be unable to speak to me after my death, but I will whisper in your ear, I'll take your hand when you're lonely.

Noa opened his mouth and only the empty sound of a sigh came out. Mitsuo shifted in his arms and sighed as well.

I love you, Noa wanted to say, but he could not make a sound. Sighing again, he held Mitsuo closer.

2. Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World"

It was a few days after he was released from the hospital that Jin Parker showed him Disney's "Little Mermaid". The princess' song struck him as strange, as he watched her reach out from her underwater cavern, wishing, beyond all possibilities, to join the world outside her ocean haven, so she could be with a man who would not even remember her. It was strange. Utterly unbelievable.

Yet the net day, when he returned to the hospital to visit his friend there, a brown-haired boy by the name of Noa, he was surprised to see him looking outside his room window, down at the entrance, waiting for him to visit. When Noa waved cheerfully and then turned to stare at the sunny sky on the other side of glass window wistfully, Mitsuo Löwe was reminded painfully of himself, sitting in his kindergarten classroom, occasionally glancing out of the window at the cafetorium outside the window. He could see his older brother, the long-lost brother, Maer, sitting with his friends, laughing and joking and yet so distant. 

What was it like, out there, with friends? What was it like, Maer?

I wanted to be a part of your world, Big Brother, Mitsuo mused, as he waited for Noa to come bounding downstairs into the hospital lobby.

3. 人間が大好きな壊れた妖怪の唄 (The Broken Song of the Demon who Loved Man) - Touhou/東方

He was the man that named her, and perhaps he was the only human being to ever accept her as one of them.
The doctors who called her by her body's name, the parents that furrowed their eyebrows whenever she marched into the kitchen in their son's body, the siblings that turned to stare at her coldly, shunning her. Yes. Lynn was the only one that ever realized that she, a manifestation of Noa Alkaev's broken imagination, a result of his split personality, could be an existing human being. An ego.

He named her Michaela, simply because he liked that name. He took her to eat ice cream when she demanded it, and he let her play on Noa's vide game consoles and promised not to tell him even if she sucked badly at the game.

And she loved him. The nurses whispered behind her back and called her a monster - called Arnold a monster, as well - but they didn't matter. François Murel was a prick, but she didn't care. Lynn was her friend and even if she was a monster she loved him dearly because he thought she was human and that was all she needed.

All she needed. Ever. Ever. So even when Noa Alkaev decided to erase her from his mind, and when Lynn told her it was probably for the best, as long as he thought she was an important person it was fine. Because he didn't have a girl he loved, and he said she was dear to him.

So even when she saw that blue-haired girl kissing Lynn, that Senna girl, she thought she was okay.

"Lynn," she called out. But when he turned and greeted her back, his sweet voice did not call her by her name.

"Noa," he said, and then the nurses' voices rang loudly in her head, because she did care about those harsh remarks.

That Michaela personality. That Michaela, inside of Noa. That monster.

Did you know, she's a monster. And she's in love with that human boy, Lynn. Just like in those legends from thousands of years ago.

4. Rollingirl by wowakaP (Hatsune Miku original song)

I turned my head and saw Noa's sister, Aika, sitting on the living room floor dressed in her usual flowery tunic and long skirt, her hair held up by a brown hair tie, some sort of artificial pink powder on her cheeks. I'd met her back when she was young, and looking at her I suddenly realized that this was what a girl was supposed to look like. Or, at least, according to society, it was.

My name is Mitsuo, and I am, biologically, a girl.

I do not have the soft, round body associated with normal girls. I run around with my dominantly male population of friends and I punch my roommate in the face just as hard as his father does. I've been raised as a son, and I've been befriended as a male friend, and I am dating a man, Noa, who probably believes that I am a man, mostly because I myself was confused about my gender.

My head spins.

What am I?

My head hurts. 

I hold my breath and think think think.

5. 百恋唄 (Hyakurenka)

Mitsuo sometimes wonder if Noa really understood. 

Their exchanged words of love, the gentle and slow moments in time when Noa held her tightly, and the warm smile he flashed at her. They told her how much he loved her, and she tried to show him just as much as he showed her. And she knew that both of their feelings were genuine, and that Noa loved her. 

However, they were often separated because of his great-grandmother, who had a hobby of dragging him overseas to England every summer. Even while he was in Farside, he was often running around doing errands for her, those errands becoming more and more frequent as he grew older, and Mitsuo's uncle, Yusiya, increased his efforts in getting Mitsuo to Germany with every passing month. The quiet times they had together, alone, were scarce, and Noa often asked her if she was happy. Did she want somebody who could be with her more often? he would ask her.

It was ridiculous. When will he realize that she didn't care?

"I don't mind it if we're both busy," she answered as he packed, yet again, for his trip. Back then, she was not aware that he wouldn't come back from England at the end of the summer. "I'll see you again soon, and that's enough for me."

Noa smiled at her then - then, had there been any trace of guilt in his smile? He must have known, that they wouldn't meet for another year. "I love you," he told her. And he wasn't lying. "I'll be back."

"I love you too," Mitsuo replied, and she meant it. "I'll be waiting."

But neither were able to keep their promises. As Noa disappeared off the face of the earth after arriving in England, followed by the sudden chain of deaths in the country, Yusiya Löwe swooped down and took Mitsuo to his home in Germany. 

The seasons passed, and there was no word of Noa -- until they ran into each other on a street in Belgium. Noa was holding a newborn baby, both of them covered in dirt and ashes and a bit of blood. Mitsuo didn't ask what happened, but when Noa smiled sheepishly at her and made to inch away, she called to him.

"I love you, Noa. No matter what-- you do understand that, don't you?"

And Noa paused. He smiled, sadly, and nodded. "I know you do. But now, I somehow wish you didn't. But I love you too, Mitsuo."

He hadn't understood at all.

6. Soundless Voice

The snow fell silently into their hands, melting the moment the flakes touched their skin. They were beautiful in the way that they were so ephemeral, and Mitsuo watched with fascination as they fell one by one, into her palm. Next to her, Noa was looking up at the sky, silent, but she knew he was happy. Mitsuo glanced at him for a moment, at his gentle smile, and she looked down at his hand, resting calmly with his fingers weaved through hers, between their knees. He was so relaxed, so trusting, and so vulnerable. 

"Noa, are you cold?" Mitsuo asked him, knowing he couldn't hear. She said it anyway and tugged at his arm, gesturing to him when he looked down at her. When he smiled and shook his head, she nodded back at him, and then scooted closer, holding his hand more securly, and leaned her head on his shoulder. He didn't look surprised, but he did seem quite touched as he chuckled quietly and leaned his head on hers.

He was silent. Before, if he still had his voice, he would have taken the chance to whisper her a word of affection.

She missed it. She wanted to hear his voice.

"Noa, will you call my name?" she said into the air. Noa shifted, having felt the vibration of her voice agains his body, but he didn't know what she said. She shook her head and snuggled closer, feeling happy to be close to him, yet feeling so distant that he could no longer hear her call his name, could no longer let her hear him call her name. If she could take her own voice and give it to him, she would.

"I love you, Noa," she continued. "I wish you weren't dying right now. I wish you'll call my name and tell me you love me too." She squeezed his hand. "I love you. i love you."

He would soon be unable to see, unable to move, and then, he would disappear somewhere she couldn't reach him. Far, far away, and she would be alone. The thought scared her. She wanted Noa to stay, to be by her side. He'd promised her they'd be happy.

She sniffled, and noticed that Noa was shifting beside her. He suddenly handed her a small note.

I love you too, Mitsu. Why you crying?

She held back a small sob and clutched the paper tightly as Noa leaned down to kiss her gently.

"I love you," she whispered to him, and he smiled back.

7. I'll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan) by Disney

Honestly, Heinrich and Rei were terrible at raising children, especially boys. Their first child, some impolite child by the name of Martel... well, say, his case could be forgiven. He was their first child, after all; it wouldn't be surprising that their experimentation could go wrong. Their second son, Maer, that pompous brat, was all right when he was younger. He was cheeky at the very least and liked to defy his parents, but he was young. However, it became obvious soon enough that he was no good as well.

Yusiya Löwe sighed and rubbed his temples. When will he finally get that perfect Löwe the family had tried to achieve for generations and generations?

He looked at Heinrich's third child, the daughter, little Mitsuko. She was sitting in the armchair across from him reading - reading -- her father's book! A large textbook, at the age of three. She was a refined thing, a bit curt and slightly monotonous, but she was intelligent, and, best of all, obedient.

If only she were a son, Yusiya mused. If she had been a son, she would have been the perfect Löwe.

If only, in only...--

Wait a second.

Yusiya quickly got to his feet and marched up to the young girl, who looked up at him calmly as he stood over her.

"Is there something you need, Uncle?" she questioned as he put a hand on her head. Yusiya scrutinized her.

Yes, he thought. Yes. He was the head of the Löwe family, a family known for its great achievements in the medical field. Estrogen was not his enemy.

"Your name is Mitsuo," he said to the girl.

"Huh? Don't be ridiculous," Mitsuko replied steadily. "That's a boy's name. My name is--"

"Mitsuo," Yusiya repeated. "From now on, you'll be a son of the Löwe family."

Mitsuko - no, Mitsuo - stared at him. Stared.

And then said, "Are you serious?"

8. Reflection by Christina Aguilera

I hate my hair, that makes me look like my mother. I hate my golden eyes, that make me look like my father. I hate the snarky old men that come to my father's parties and tell me how much I look like my mother in her old dress. I can't stand the lonely look in my father's eyes whenever he tells me how much I look like my dead mother.

Why? Why, do you ask?

Because, as long as I am compared to my parents, or to my older brother, for that matter, I can never be known as me.

Me. Me. Me! You do realize - I'm the one living in this body, no matter how much I might resemble other people?

It's hard, you know, standing in front of the mirror and wondering every morning, who am I?

My name is Senna. I have Alan's eyes and Lily's hair and Corey's personality. I am the Nadel daughter. I. Am. Senna.

When will they come to understand? When will they not call me "Miss Nadel" but something more. More me. Me me me!

I love my blue hair, that Lynn calls pretty. I like my golden eyes, that Lynn says are like garnets. I like my name Senna, that sounds so cool when Lynn says it.

My name is Senna. I am Senna. 

9. 大江戸戦士トノサマン (Steel Samurai OP) by Hatsune Miku

"You do realize that we are going to watch this on opening night, right, Noa?" Mitsuo said as she waved the poster in Noa's face. Not expecting this sudden attack, Noa blinked and took the paper from Mitsuo, raising an eyebrow at the poster of a rather familiar looking robot samurai.

"And this will be....?" he started.

"The Steel Samurai! From the Ace Attorney series," Mitsuo answered, almost excitedly, as she then waved her pink DS in Noa's face. Noa could clearly seethe Steel Samurai sticker Lynn had made for his girlfriend a few months back, something Mitsuo had more than readily slapped onto the game console. He grimaced at the poster.

A Steel Samurai movie. A movie based on a series inside a game from 200 years ago. This was, Noa thought, quite... ridiculous.

But Mitsuo, the serious yet dorky fangirl of the lawyer game, was determined to go. She had her jaw set and her eyes sparkling brightly with expectation as she stared at Noa with the utmost seriousness. Noa had never seen her so excited about anything.

He sighed, and smiled.

"Sure why not."

"Did I forget to remind you that I love you?"

10. Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) by Disney

Halfway through their first date, Jin realized that Aika expected him to kiss her, and then he also realized that he had never kissed anyone that he actually liked. Sure, those past one-night stands on drunken days came with slobby make out sessions, but this was different.

"Um," he started, and his girlfriend turned to him with a smile. She was blushing a bit, definitely expectant. He gulped. "Um...."

"Hey Jin, are you nervous about kissing?" Aika asked him, her eyes sparkling with mirth as she stepped closer to him. Jin jumped at the sudden proximity and stared at the girl with slight apprehension as she inked arms with him. "It's not really big of a deal, Jin. If you're nervous, I can kiss you instead?"

Since when was this girl so forward, Jin wondered. The last time he checked she was bashful and quiet and -- oh, right. She didn't know that he liked her back, believing that he still had a crush on his best friend boy-not-boy roommate, Mitsuo. Right. Right. However.

"Do you realize how detrimental that would be to my pride?" he retorted, pulling Aika to a shady bench near the corner of the amusement park. As they sat down, Aika sat facing him, smiling. "Uh...."

"Then I'll wait, Jin," Aika assured him. "So kiss me. Soon."

Jin mentally groaned. He needed those huge brass balls that would give him the courage to kiss this girl, he concluded. Huge brass balls, some courage, and maybe even an ego as big as his girlfriend's older brother Noa.

/LE FIN! 8|

Aug. 24th, 2010




My girlfriend told me to post on Livejournal. Will I? ._.

.....Iunno I think I'll probably disappear from LiveJournal again until like. 2012. And you'll hear me go on about graduating. And be like, "wtf did you do for 2 years bitch."


Jun. 15th, 2010


Wow so I haven't written here forever--

 My friend Tram got me into the blogging mode again after she started a new blog elsewhere - thanks Asian bro!

It's unfortunate to those of you who were relishing in my apparent demise that - no - I am still alive. To those people, I laugh victorious and pity your life. Kind of. I hope you die in a ditch, it's what you get for wishing me dead--


I'm alive, school is over, and hallelujah to a non-relaxing summer vacation filled with work, work, work! Can you believe it, I'm going to be a high school junior next year. Then I'll graduate and my Yun-viruses will permeate around the world and you'll all turn into eyebrow-zombies (source: Gintama). You should all be really frightened ♥

All jokes aside, I'm actually more excited about the upcoming school year than the potentially disastrous friend-get-together plans forming inside my mind. I finished writing my so-called inaugural e-mail to the advisor, vice president, secretary, and treasurer of Branham High School Anime Club 2011! As president, I truly feel that this next year will be great-- and I even get my own personal army of freshmen as a Link Leader. /insert evil laugh here

I've got some pretty hot ideas going for anime club -- but I want to take this slowly. Slowly. We're well off that a lot of upperclassmen are in the club, it being a few years old, but changes are hard. "Anime club" is regularly agreed on as the "sit on your ass all lunch and watch 2-D Asian cartoons' -- IT'S NOT. That's something we have to prove without sounding defensive. We're cool people, and we WILL make people jealous.

I mean, come on! We have waffles and ramen and root beer floats and conventions. That's jealousy material right there.
...And I have nothing more to write. Until next time, comrades! Enjoy your summer.

Feb. 8th, 2010


Let's start off this relationship with a courteous hello.

A legal immigrant taking residence in the United States of America. A high school sophomore with a horrible grade a week into the second semester. A pursuer of visual arts refusing to partake in any community events involving art. A short-tempered Asian girl fighting the world with her strange beliefs on morality, religion, sexuality, and anything else that has any connection to humanity in general.

If you had met me before, at any moment in my fifteen and a half years of life, I hope I left an impression upon you. If I have yet to meet you, face-to-face, I hope you'll recognize my words on the pages here, and maybe I'll leave an impression upon you here.

My name, it's an unusual name in America; it gets misspelled a lot, mispronounced a lot, and I get nicknames every so often. I don't mind it. I think it's nice.

In any case, I'm Miyuki. Nice to meet y

I enjoy pointless ramblings via Yahoo!Messenger with my girlfriend and other friends. I enjoy random conversations with my friends at school. I enjoy typing endlessly on my deviantART account (nijyuushi.deviantart.com
), and I like reenacting moments of my somewhat ordinary life through pictures, also found on my deviantART.

I also have another hobby, something that I plan to fully concentrate on once my grades somehow stabilize. If any of you follow me on deviantART, you would probably recognize this name: theFARSIDEstory. The Farside Story is a series of stories written by myself and my dear friend nijyuushichi, known as Pess_In_Suits here on LiveJournal. If you haven't run into her yet, I suggest you do - gently, of course, she's a very dear person so me and I don't want your grubby hands hurting her. And definitely and absolutely no flirting. She isn't an object, but she is most definitely mine. ;)

Going back on topic, theFARSIDEstory is a series co-authored (somewhat) by two teenage girls who should probably be concentrating more on the grades in their honors classes (and, starting this fall, AP classes) than on stories that traverse the planes of too many genres and torment the characters with hardships that a real human would probably never go through so much of in a single lifetime. Then again, we both have a slightly rebellious side to us; it comes with the stress of living by the Asian Grading System (hint: look it up on Facebook).

theFARSIDEstory is written mainly in six parts, but they are not in any chronological order. Each story will be written in a way that, if a reader chooses to read only one, no matter what order, it will make sense, but there will be unsolved mysteries unless one takes the time to read them all. At its greatest, it is a heartwarming love tale, and at its worst, it is a tragic tale of people whose lives should have been ordinary, peaceful, and happy.

Now let's go down into the gorey, fascinating details.

theFARSIDEstory - Noa Alkaev
epic-length drama
Summary: One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Noa Alkaev - a seemingly ordinary boy with an ordinary life who is, in fact, the heir of the most dangerous family in the history of British history. Diagnosed with split-personality disorder at an early age and burdened with the weight of the name Alkaev, Noa struggles to figure out who he really is. When he finds himself in love with Mitsuo Loewe, another man, who seems to have more issues with himself than two Noas put together, life can only get more complicated than it already is...

theFARSIDEstory - Lynn Chamberlain
Genre: epic-length drama
One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Lynn Chamberlain - the unwanted half of a pair of twins conceived for the sole purpose of being the perfect Chamberlain, which is, as the name suggests, the perfect supporter of the next Alkaev heir. With a cruel twist of fate and some bad luck, Lynn was not named as that perfect Chamberlain and grows up without ever knowing the warmth of a parent's love, but knowing better than anything the sick, slimy touch of lust, as well as the piercing cold of winter when living on the streets. Lynn's life only gets more complicated when he finds himself attracted to the free-spirited, cheerful girl throwing peppermints at his forehead from across the classroom, and when his father's older brother reveals to him that there is more to the mystery surrounding the cruelty of the Chamberlain family than anyone ever suspected...

theFARSIDEstory - Sean Chamberlain
epic-length drama
One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Sean Chamberlain - the epitome of a perfect Chamberlain who feels that it was his own birth that plunged his older twin's life into a living hell. Knowing the abuse Lynn was subjected to, aware of the filthy men that forced their sick desires onto Lynn, and understanding perfectly that this would not have happened if they were not twins, Sean lives his life for the sake of protecting his older brother despite his strong belief that Lynn Chamberlain resents him more than anything else. However, one day, the time will come when Sean finds out that the one that was protecting his brother all this time really wasn't him at all, but that he, Sean, was the one being protected all along..

Here is half of the stories that make up the complete Farside story. If you are interested in reading more, follow this blog. If you want to find out what the other three stories are like, follow nijyuushichi on her LiveJournal at this link in the parentheses (pess-in-suits.livejournal.com/).