theMIYUKINATOR (nijyuushi) wrote,

Wow so I haven't written here forever--

 My friend Tram got me into the blogging mode again after she started a new blog elsewhere - thanks Asian bro!

It's unfortunate to those of you who were relishing in my apparent demise that - no - I am still alive. To those people, I laugh victorious and pity your life. Kind of. I hope you die in a ditch, it's what you get for wishing me dead--


I'm alive, school is over, and hallelujah to a non-relaxing summer vacation filled with work, work, work! Can you believe it, I'm going to be a high school junior next year. Then I'll graduate and my Yun-viruses will permeate around the world and you'll all turn into eyebrow-zombies (source: Gintama). You should all be really frightened ♥

All jokes aside, I'm actually more excited about the upcoming school year than the potentially disastrous friend-get-together plans forming inside my mind. I finished writing my so-called inaugural e-mail to the advisor, vice president, secretary, and treasurer of Branham High School Anime Club 2011! As president, I truly feel that this next year will be great-- and I even get my own personal army of freshmen as a Link Leader. /insert evil laugh here

I've got some pretty hot ideas going for anime club -- but I want to take this slowly. Slowly. We're well off that a lot of upperclassmen are in the club, it being a few years old, but changes are hard. "Anime club" is regularly agreed on as the "sit on your ass all lunch and watch 2-D Asian cartoons' -- IT'S NOT. That's something we have to prove without sounding defensive. We're cool people, and we WILL make people jealous.

I mean, come on! We have waffles and ramen and root beer floats and conventions. That's jealousy material right there.
...And I have nothing more to write. Until next time, comrades! Enjoy your summer.
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