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Let's start off this relationship with a courteous hello.

A legal immigrant taking residence in the United States of America. A high school sophomore with a horrible grade a week into the second semester. A pursuer of visual arts refusing to partake in any community events involving art. A short-tempered Asian girl fighting the world with her strange beliefs on morality, religion, sexuality, and anything else that has any connection to humanity in general.

If you had met me before, at any moment in my fifteen and a half years of life, I hope I left an impression upon you. If I have yet to meet you, face-to-face, I hope you'll recognize my words on the pages here, and maybe I'll leave an impression upon you here.

My name, it's an unusual name in America; it gets misspelled a lot, mispronounced a lot, and I get nicknames every so often. I don't mind it. I think it's nice.

In any case, I'm Miyuki. Nice to meet y

I enjoy pointless ramblings via Yahoo!Messenger with my girlfriend and other friends. I enjoy random conversations with my friends at school. I enjoy typing endlessly on my deviantART account (
), and I like reenacting moments of my somewhat ordinary life through pictures, also found on my deviantART.

I also have another hobby, something that I plan to fully concentrate on once my grades somehow stabilize. If any of you follow me on deviantART, you would probably recognize this name: theFARSIDEstory. The Farside Story is a series of stories written by myself and my dear friend nijyuushichi, known as Pess_In_Suits here on LiveJournal. If you haven't run into her yet, I suggest you do - gently, of course, she's a very dear person so me and I don't want your grubby hands hurting her. And definitely and absolutely no flirting. She isn't an object, but she is most definitely mine. ;)

Going back on topic, theFARSIDEstory is a series co-authored (somewhat) by two teenage girls who should probably be concentrating more on the grades in their honors classes (and, starting this fall, AP classes) than on stories that traverse the planes of too many genres and torment the characters with hardships that a real human would probably never go through so much of in a single lifetime. Then again, we both have a slightly rebellious side to us; it comes with the stress of living by the Asian Grading System (hint: look it up on Facebook).

theFARSIDEstory is written mainly in six parts, but they are not in any chronological order. Each story will be written in a way that, if a reader chooses to read only one, no matter what order, it will make sense, but there will be unsolved mysteries unless one takes the time to read them all. At its greatest, it is a heartwarming love tale, and at its worst, it is a tragic tale of people whose lives should have been ordinary, peaceful, and happy.

Now let's go down into the gorey, fascinating details.

theFARSIDEstory - Noa Alkaev
epic-length drama
Summary: One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Noa Alkaev - a seemingly ordinary boy with an ordinary life who is, in fact, the heir of the most dangerous family in the history of British history. Diagnosed with split-personality disorder at an early age and burdened with the weight of the name Alkaev, Noa struggles to figure out who he really is. When he finds himself in love with Mitsuo Loewe, another man, who seems to have more issues with himself than two Noas put together, life can only get more complicated than it already is...

theFARSIDEstory - Lynn Chamberlain
Genre: epic-length drama
One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Lynn Chamberlain - the unwanted half of a pair of twins conceived for the sole purpose of being the perfect Chamberlain, which is, as the name suggests, the perfect supporter of the next Alkaev heir. With a cruel twist of fate and some bad luck, Lynn was not named as that perfect Chamberlain and grows up without ever knowing the warmth of a parent's love, but knowing better than anything the sick, slimy touch of lust, as well as the piercing cold of winter when living on the streets. Lynn's life only gets more complicated when he finds himself attracted to the free-spirited, cheerful girl throwing peppermints at his forehead from across the classroom, and when his father's older brother reveals to him that there is more to the mystery surrounding the cruelty of the Chamberlain family than anyone ever suspected...

theFARSIDEstory - Sean Chamberlain
epic-length drama
One part of the six-part series theFARSIDEstory (written by nijyuushichi on deviantART and yours truly), this tale is told through the eyes of Sean Chamberlain - the epitome of a perfect Chamberlain who feels that it was his own birth that plunged his older twin's life into a living hell. Knowing the abuse Lynn was subjected to, aware of the filthy men that forced their sick desires onto Lynn, and understanding perfectly that this would not have happened if they were not twins, Sean lives his life for the sake of protecting his older brother despite his strong belief that Lynn Chamberlain resents him more than anything else. However, one day, the time will come when Sean finds out that the one that was protecting his brother all this time really wasn't him at all, but that he, Sean, was the one being protected all along..

Here is half of the stories that make up the complete Farside story. If you are interested in reading more, follow this blog. If you want to find out what the other three stories are like, follow nijyuushichi on her LiveJournal at this link in the parentheses (
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