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nijyuushi's Journal

My nickname sounds like a super's name. But I'm not your typical superhero (or super-villain, for that matter) battling over the fate of the world and the well being of the world's population.

Real supers, hero or villain, do not fly through the skies in spandex, nor do they destroy skyscrapers or shoot spiderwebs from their hands.

Real supers surf the interwebs, throwing in snarky comments about society. They surf through real life throwing in more snarky comments about society.

Real supers act tough, the keyword being act. Real supers don't want to save the lives of hundreds of strangers; they want to make a handful of loved ones smile, and just don't know that the chain of smiles spreads around the worldwide because we're all connected.

Real supers cry as much as the stereotypical heroine, but they don't like crying in front of people. If you see a super hiding in their bedroom, go over and give them a hug and be their super, even just for a moment.

Real supers love people too, and not just their beautiful female heroine that they save from a falling building. Supers have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, friends, and lovers. Real supers don't have hearts of steel. If their loved ones get hurt, so do they.

Real supers can also hate people. No super can become a super without struggling through a math class with a horrible math teacher.

You get it now, don't you? Look away from those TV screens, those Superman shows, those Batman comics, the epic journey of Don Quixote. Look around you and at the people that touch your heart. Does your super exist among one of them? Are you a super to one of them?

You'll never know. But please keep in mind that names and spandex don't define supers. Supers are human, just like you and me. I'm Miyuki. Nice to meet you.